Default Values for All Keywords

Ack= No

Attachments= Yes

Auto-Delete= <No if "Validate= Yes", Yes,Semi-Auto,Delay(4),Max(100) otherwise>

Categories= <none>

Change-Log= No

Confidential= No

Configuration-Owner= Owner

Confirm-Delay= 48

Daily-Threshold= 50


Default-Options= <none>

Default-Topics= <none>

Digest= <Yes,Same,Daily if "Notebook= Yes", No otherwise>

Editor= <none>

Editor-Header= Yes

Errors-To= Owners

Exit= <none>

Files= No

Filter= <built-in>

Indent= 40

Internet-Via= <none>

Language= English

Limits= <not set, ISP option only>

List-Address= <none> (per LIST_ADDRESS system default)

List-ID= <none>

Local= <none> (per LOCAL system default)

Long-Lines= Yes

Loopcheck= Normal

Mail-Merge= No


Misc-Options= <none>

Moderator= <none> (defaults to first Editor if "Editor=" is defined))

New-List= <none>

Newsgroups= <none>

NJE-Via= <none>

Notebook= No,A,Single,Private

Notebook-Header= Short

Notify= Yes

Owner= <This is a mandatory parameter which must be filled with at least one person's network address in userid@node or userid@fqdn format>

Peers= <none>

Prime= Yes

PW= <randomly generated at list creation time if not specifically defined>

Renewal= <none, disabled>

Reply-To= List,Respect

Review= Private

RSS-Abstract-Words= 100,50 (or the site-level default, if it is set differently)

Safe= Yes

Send= Public

Sender= List

Service= *

Sizelim= (defaults to value of FILEMAXL)

Stats= Normal,Private

Sub-lists= <none>

Subject-Tag= short name of the list, for example, MYLIST-L

Subscription= By_Owner

Topics= <none>

Translate= Yes

Validate= No

X-Tags= Yes