In this section, you will find a brief description of LISTSERV's DBMS features, along with installation instructions and a few samples.

While the DBMS and mail-merge functions were designed to work together, they can also be used independently from each other. That is, you may find the DBMS support useful even if you have no need for mail-merge functionality, and likewise you can use the mail-merge functions without a DBMS back-end. Both functions require LISTSERV Classic or LISTSERV HPO, and are unavailable in LISTSERV Lite.

Note: Embedded mail merge is the default.


1.1 Overview

1.2 Pre-installation tasks

1.3 Installation

1.4 Post-installation tasks

1.5 Creating DBMS lists

1.6 Using the Mail-Merge functions

1.7 LISTSERV LDAP and Dynamic Query List (DQL) support

1.8 Installing and configuring unixODBC with LISTSERV