The following known issues and restrictions exist:

    • Dynamic queries disable the special DBMS sub-list traverse feature. When sending a posting to a super-list configured to use mail-merge for regular postings and whose sub-list recipients are hosted in a database (“DBMS= Yes” or equivalent in the list header), a special feature was activated in order to make additional DBMS columns available to the posting. Instead of processing the distribution normally, LISTSERV traversed the sub-list tree and processed the recipients one sub-list at a time, recognizing that each sub-list might have its own set of columns coming out of different tables with different names. This feature is disabled when one or more dynamic queries are used, because they cannot be tied to a physical sub-list. This does not affect mail-merge data extracted from the dynamic query itself. This is a delicate scenario in the general case. L-Soft recommends not mixing “DBMS= Yes” and dynamic queries when mail-merge data must be extracted from both data stores.