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Table of Contents

Preface - About This Manual
Editorial Notes
New Version Numbering
For New List Owners
For New List Moderators
LISTSERV Command Syntax Conventions
Contacting L-Soft
Section 1 About Mailing Lists and LISTSERV
Who are the people involved?
Section 2 Getting Started
Section 3 Communicating with LISTSERV
3.1 Using Email to Communicate with LISTSERV
3.2 Using the Web Interface to Communicate with LISTSERV
3.3 Anatomy of a LISTSERV List
3.4 The “OK” Confirmation Method
Section 4 Mailing List Types
4.1 One-Way Announcement Lists
4.2 Two-Way Discussion Lists
4.3 Moderated Lists
Section 5 Using the Web Interface
5.1 The Default LISTSERV Home Page
5.2 Logging In
5.3 Setting a LISTSERV Password
5.4 Logging In and Setting Preferences
5.5 The List Management Dashboard
5.6 List Configuration
5.6.1 Hiding Parts of the Header
5.7 The Administrator Task Wizard
5.7.1 Understanding Administrator Roles What is an Owner? What is an Editor? What is a Moderator? What is an Error? What is a Notification?
5.8 List Maintenance via the Web Interface
5.8.1 Examining or Deleting a Subscription
5.8.2 Adding a New Subscriber to the List
5.8.3 Bulk Operations
5.8.4 Moderating a List Accepting or Rejecting the Message Viewing the Message Subscriber Settings
5.9 Digesting and Indexing
5.9.1 What is a Digest?
5.9.2 What is an Index?
5.9.3 What is a Plain Text Digest?
5.9.4 What is an HTML Digest?
5.9.5 What is a MIME Digest?
5.10 Reports
5.10.1 List Reports
5.10.2 Subscriber Reports
5.10.3 List Activity Reports
5.11 Sending Interactive Commands via the Web
5.12 Mail-Merge
Section 6 Customizing Mail and Web Templates
Section 7 List Archives
7.1 Setting Up Archive Notebooks
7.2 Indexing Available Archive Notebooks
7.3 Deleting Existing Archive Notebooks
Section 8 Where to Go From Here
8.1 List Owners’ Responsibilities
8.2 Learning More About LISTSERV
Glossary of Terms