Managing List Subscriptions

List Subscibers can set mail delivery options for themselves. Invariably, however, the List Owner is called upon to do so. As always, commands must be directed to the Command Address.

1. Querying Current Options
2. Setting Subscriber Options
3. Moderating Subscribers

Subscriber options can also be set via the Default-Options List Header keyword. This keyword indicates the options that will be automatically in effect for all new subscriptions.

The 1.8d WWW List Management Interface provides an easy way to set subscriber options and may be available at your LISTSERV host. All Ease-Home List Owners may use the Ease-Home 1.8d WWW List Management Interface.

Please refer to LISTSERV Owner's Manual Chapter 5 for more information regarding subscriber options. LISTSERV Owner's Manual Appendix A: System Reference Library provides additional information as well.


1. Querying Current Options

You may check the current status of a subscriber’s settings with the QUERY command. The QUERY command can be abbreviated with a Q.

QUERY listname FOR user@address


Q listname FOR user@address

will return the current options for the e-mail address: user@address

QUERY listname WITH option FOR *@*

will return all users with the specified option. For example, to retrieve all subscribers with CONCEAL send


To retrieve all subscribers with NOMAIL send


You can also use multiple options:


will return all digest subscribers who have concealed their e-mail address.

The * is a wildcard and indicates that any characters may come before and after the @ sign. You could also use a partial wildcard. For example, all subscribers whose userids started with J and at .com domains would be

QUERY listname FOR J*@*.com

You can use the WITH option here as well

QUERY listname WITH DIGEST FOR J*@*.com

would return all digest subscribers whose e-mail addresses have the form J*@*.com


2. Setting Subscriber Options

As can be seen, the SET command is similar in syntax to the QUERY command and the SET command that the subscriber would use. All of the following options except NORENEW can be set by the subscriber. The modifier QUIET is optional before SET and will supress notification to the user. The brackets [ ] indicate that it is optional and should not be typed. A* wildcard can be used in the e-mail address to set options for multiple subscribers in a single command. Use *@* to indicate that you wish the options set for all subscribers.

Note: Some of the options illustrated here are not available under LISTSERV-Lite.

[QUIET] SET listname NOMAIL FOR user@address To suspend delivery of list mail in any format
[QUIET] SET listname MAIL FOR user@address To resume list mail in the format that had been set
[QUIET] SET listname DIGEST FOR user@address To receive the list in digest format
[QUIET] SET listname NODIGEST FOR user@address To revert to individual mail format
[QUIET] SET listname INDEX FOR user@address To receive an index of list subjects
[QUIET] SET listname NOINDEX FOR user@address To revert to individual mail format
[QUIET] SET listname ACK FOR user@address To receive a short ACK msg when post is accepted
[QUIET] SET listname NOACK FOR user@address To not receive ACK msg
[QUIET] SET listname REPRO FOR user@address To receive a full copy of own posts
[QUIET] SET listname NOREPRO FOR user@address To not receive a copy of own posts
[QUIET] SET listname SUBJ FOR user@address To put List-Id or [Subject-Tag] in "Subject:" line
[QUIET] SET listname NOSUBJ FOR user@address To cancel List-Id or [Subject-Tag] in "Subject:" line
[QUIET] SET listname NORENEW FOR user@address To set subscriber exempt from renewal or probing


3. Moderating Subscribers

On unmoderated lists you may need to occassionally deal with impolite or acrimonious subscribers. The following commands may be used in this instance and the subscribers cannot change these settings. Use QUIET before SET to suppress notification to the subscriber.

Note: None of the options illustrated here are available under LISTSERV-Lite.

[QUIET] SET listname REVIEW FOR user@address All posts for this user will go to Editor for approval
[QUIET] SET listname NOREVIEW FOR user@address Resume normal posting (approval no longer necessary)
[QUIET] SET listname NOPOST FOR user@address All posts from user are rejected
[QUIET] SET listname POST FOR user@address Resume normal posting (no approval necessary)

On moderated lists, you may set certain addresses to bypass moderation by setting the EDITOR option:
[QUIET] SET listname EDITOR FOR user@address Allow user to bypass moderation
[QUIET] SET listname NOEDITOR FOR user@address Revert to moderated posts