LISTSERV in the Cloud: Spotlight on ListPlex

ListPlex in the Cloud

Did you know that LISTSERV has been available as a hosted service since 1995 and in the cloud since 1997, long before the buzzwords "cloud computing" and "software as a service" existed? L-Soft has provided basic shared-server hosting for email lists since 1995, beginning with EASE, and dedicated virtual server hosting with the introduction of ListPlex in 1997. With ListPlex, customers always have access to the latest LISTSERV features, and with the Maestro Add-On, ListPlex becomes a complete cloud-based opt-in email marketing and analytics solution.


ListPlex Helps with Emergency Communication

ListPlex for Emergency Communication

Did you know that the ListPlex email list hosting service is available as an emergency notification system? The service consists of a special hosted ListPlex node for emergency communication or crisis readiness. If a service interruption occurs at your organization's primary LISTSERV site – for example, the university computer center loses power in a hurricane, earthquake or other emergency – then the ListPlex notification service can serve as an important backup channel to reach people on campus through web and mobile email.