"I like LISTSERV because I think that it's the best thing from Sweden since IKEA, Wasabröd and ABBA."

"I like LISTSERV because you have the best list management software anywhere."

"I like LISTSERV email lists because they reliably keep our customers informed and connected."

"I like LISTSERV because it combines the economy of the old VW Beetle with the luxurious features of a Mercedes-Benz."

Pat Letendre

"I like LISTSERV because it has made it possible for people from all over the world who are affected by a group of rare, life-threatening diseases find a place for support and friendship. These patients and their families had previously felt isolated and helpless because the diseases are so rare, and so few doctors worldwide know how to manage them."

Mary Carpenter

"I like LISTSERV because it is the premier list management software that promotes community collaboration."

Pete Weiss