"I like LISTSERV because it has made it possible for people from all over the world who are affected by a group of rare, life-threatening diseases find a place for support and friendship. These patients and their families had previously felt isolated and helpless because the diseases are so rare, and so few doctors worldwide know how to manage them."

Mary Carpenter

"When MEDLAB-L was created in 1994 I had no idea how wide an audience could be reached and what good would ensue. Since then we've had thousands of medical laboratory professionals subscribed in over 50 countries. The list has been invaluable for lab professionals to ask questions and learn best practices from some of our most knowledgeable leaders. It's possible we've even saved a few lives over the years via the list. Thanks to Eric and L-Soft for making this possible."

Pat Letendre

"Without L-Soft's LISTSERV software, the Thrust SSC project would never have reached completion, and we would not have taken the first ever supersonic world land speed record."

Jeremy Davey
Webmaster, Thrust SSC

"L-Soft's LISTSERV HPO product and support excel in that they deliver fast, secure, flexible and feature-rich mailing list distribution capabilities. But I am probably biased, since I have been using it since the '80s."

Moshe Barak


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