"LISTSERV's solid reputation for handling mission critical mailing lists brought us to L-Soft. The proven performance and stability of L-Soft's technology and outsourcing services have no equivalent."

Gilles Frydman
President, Association of Cancer Online Resources

"Since 2001, L-Soft's LISTSERV technology has given us a tool to transform families from passive bystanders into informed advocates. Today, the Barth Syndrome Foundation and our Barth syndrome charitable partners in Canada, South Africa and Europe represent fewer than 200 males with the disease. My son, who at age 10 was facing the same life-threatening diagnosis to which his brother succumbed at age 4, is now 21 years of age and there are others in our group who are in their fourth decade of life. We are a community that lives online to save lives that are on the line."

Shelley Bowen
President, Barth Syndrome Foundation

"LISTSERV has been the communication lifeline of many online cancer organizations. I would like you to know that LISTSERV saved my life in year 2000 when I was desperately running out of time with advanced sarcoma. When I had less than a few weeks to live, word of a small and barely publicized drug clinical trial trickled to me over LISTSERV. I was able to join that trial, and I have been on the drug now for 11 years, after having once been at death's door. The drug ultimately became famous in oncology world – Gleevec. I think many other cancer patients have similar stories."


"NYCSLIST has been one of the best parts of my professional career. I think it's an amazing tool. It's not something that has been pushed aside by social media or any of the emerging technologies. Social media and newer emerging tech replacing LISTSERV? I don't think so."

Melissa Jacobs
List Owner, NYCSLIST


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