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Section 3 User Interface Branding

Section 3 User Interface Branding
The Maestro User Interface and the Administration Hub components permit limited User Interface branding by adding text strings at prominent locations, such as the header and footer of each page.
Note: The Subscriber Interface is fully customizable, see Section 2 Customizing the Subscriber Interface for details. To change the text used in the LUI and HUB interfaces, see Section 4 Using the Resource Translation Tool.
To do this, the administrator must create a text file called that must be located in the relevant application folder.
To customize the User Interface component: [maestro_install_folder]/lui
To customize the Administration Hub component: [maestro_install_folder]/hub
This file must be a text file that follows the rules of LISTSERV Maestro INI files (see the LISTSERV Maestro Administrator’s Manual for details). This means that the file must consist of entries of the form key=value, with which the administrator can define customized text strings.
3.1 Adding Custom Text Strings
Each custom text string consists of a key=value pair, where the key is as listed below, and the value is the text that is to appear in the User Interface (and follows the INI file rules). The following text string keys are currently available for customization:
Sets YOUR_TEXT to be used in the window title bar of each browser window that is used to access the Maestro User Interface or the Administration Hub component. The text will appear as the first text in the title bar, before the application name. If this key is not included, the text “L-Soft” will be shown. Supply an empty value to not show any text before the application name.
Adds YOUR_TEXT as a header text at the top of the page. The header text will be drawn so that it will appear on top of the blue header bar shown at the top of each page to the right of the standard title text in that bar. The blue header bar will be the background behind the text, which is drawn with a white, bold-faced, italic font, in the same size as the standard title text in the header bar. If this key is not included, no text will be shown.
Adds YOUR_TEXT as a footer text at the bottom of the page. The footer text will be drawn at the bottom of each page, with the standard small page font. If this key is not included, no text will be shown.