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Table of Contents

Preface - About This Manual
Section 1 What’s New in the LISTSERV Maestro 3.3-2 User Interface
1.1 Using the New Job Comparison Report
1.1.1 The Job Comparison Report Settings Screen
1.1.2 The Job Reports Tab
1.1.3 The Comparison Tabs
1.2 Adding Reports to the Dashboard
1.3 Additional Quick Report Settings for Completed Jobs
1.4 Downloading Reports as a PDF
1.5 Viewing More Details on the Event Distribution Over Time Tracking Report
1.6 Getting More Information from the Delivered Recipients Statistics Report
1.7 Reordering the Data Sources for a Tracking Report
1.8 Updated Color Definition for Reports
1.9 Improved LISTSERV List Header Keyword Support
1.10 New Welcome and Farewell Emails for HRLs, HLLs, and Datasets
1.11 New Subscription/Membership Date Column
1.12 Checking Whether or Not a User-Defined Drop-In is Empty
1.13 Downloading a PDF Version of the Completed Job Summary
1.14 Downloading Invalid Recipients for Delivered Jobs
1.15 Using the Mail Charset when Previewing a Message’s Content
1.16 Previewing Blocked HTML Images
1.17 RSS Abstract Support
Section 2 What’s New in the LISTSERV Maestro 3.3-2 Administration HUB
2.1 New Entries for the Maestro INI-Files
2.2 Adding Content to the Tomcat Server
2.2.1 Adding Content as a New Context
2.2.2 Defining the Default Context
2.2.3 Enabling Access Logging for WA
2.2.4 Enabling Access Logging for Custom Content
2.2.5 Serving Multiple LISTSERV Nodes on a Single Server
2.3 Defining Separate SMTP Workers for Standard and Test Deliveries
2.4 Querying the Build Number of List Context
Section 3 What’s New in the LISTSERV Maestro 3.3-3 User Interface
3.1 Creating Multiple Dashboards
3.2 Using the New Check/Uncheck All Link in the Define Recipient Wizard
Section 4 What’s New in the LISTSERV Maestro 3.3-4 User Interface
4.1 Spam Checking Your Email Jobs
4.2 Previewing the Recipient Count
4.3 Hiding the CSV “Just Before Sending” Option in the Define Recipients Wizard
Section 5 What’s New in the LISTSERV Maestro 3.3-7 User Interface
5.1 Viewing a Dataset/List’s Status
5.2 Defining Recipients using LDAP
5.3 Creating Target Groups using LDAP
Section 6 What’s New in the LISTSERV Maestro 3.3-7 Administration HUB
6.1 Enabling LDAP Support
6.2 Establishing Email Job Limits