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What’s New in LISTSERV® Maestro 3.3

What’s New in LISTSERV® Maestro 3.3
This section highlights the new features for the System Administrator in LISTSERV® Maestro 3.3.
New INI-File Entries
There are new INI-file entries for the Maestro User Interface and Tomcat components. For details, see Section 20.1 Maestro User Interface INI-File Entries and Section 20.4 Tomcat INI-File Entries.
Adding Content to the Tomcat Server
There are several new features that pertain to Tomcat Server. These features include the ability of Tomcat to serve the WAs of several LISTSERVs (ListPlex nodes) on the same server, the ability to use “virtual hosting” when adding user-defined content served by Tomcat, and the ability to restrict the login of a user to the User Interface based on the host name the user uses in the access-URL. For details on these features, see Section 25 Adding Content to the Tomcat Server.
Defining Separate SMTP Workers for Standard and Test Deliveries
You now have the ability to define separate SMTP workers (worker pool letters) for standard and test deliveries. For details, see Section 5.2 Application Default Settings.
Querying the Build Number of the List Context
Previously, the current version and build number of the LISTSERV Maestro components (LUI, HUB, TRK) could be queried remotely. Now, in addition to these components, you can also query the build number of the list context. For details, see Section 1.2.2 Remote Version Query.