Appendix I: Using Netscape or Mozilla Browsers with a Linux Client

The following issues may apply when using a Netscape or Mozilla browser on a Linux client to access the LISTSERV Maestro user interfaces. Older versions of these browsers (Netscape 7.0 or Mozilla 1.0.0) may be more susceptible to these issues than newer versions.

Font Size

The user interface may be displayed with fonts that appear too small. To display the user interface with the original font sizes, please set the Netscape or Mozilla browser to a text zoom factor of 130%.

Go to the View menu, select Text Zoom, and then Other. Input the value 130.

HTML Upload

Uploading of an HTML page as the content of a HTML mail message happens with a Java based upload applet. This applet is executed on the client computer where the Netscape or Mozilla browser is running, and it is started automatically by the browser when the [Upload HTML] button is clicked.

For Netscape and Mozilla on Linux to be able to start and run this Java applet, you must have the Java 1.4 (or later) plugin installed. The applet will not work with the Java 1.3 plugin.

Please go to Sunís Java pages at or to the homepage of your browser to learn how to install the Java plugin.