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Table of Contents

Preface - About This Manual
Requirements for LISTSERV 15.5
Upgrading to LISTSERV 15.5
Special Notes LISTSERV Users
Special Note for Users of LISTSERV Maestro 3.0 and Following
Section 1 What’s New for LISTSERV
1.1 Security and Extensibility Enhancements
1.1.1 LDAP Support
1.1.2 Dynamic Query Lists (DQL)
1.1.3 Password Encryption in SIGNUP Files
1.2 Usability Enhancements
1.2.1 AOL feedback loop auto-processing
1.2.2 New KEEP_EXCHANGE_DATA and DISCARD_HTML “Misc-Options=” Values
1.2.3 New REINDEX Command for Archives
1.2.4 Additional Wildcard Support and Date Ranges to SERVE
1.2.5 RSS Abstracting Support
1.3 Miscellaneous Enhancements
1.4 HPO-Specific Enhancements
Section 2 What’s New for WA
Section 3 Bug Fixes