* The AUTO-RESPONDER Auto-Responder List  
* Subscription= Closed  
* Send= Public  
* Notebook= No  
* Owner= jowner@DOMAIN.COM (Jessica Owner)  
* This is the List Header for an AUTO-RESPONDER "list".

An Example of an AUTO-RESPONDER LISTSERV Mailing List

An "auto-responder" is a type of list that simply responds with a pre-defined message when it receives e-mail. This list can be useful for service messages, upgrade availability, or to simply send back a standardized message to a user who has sent e-mail to a "support" address.

This list is very simple. There are no notebook archives and no subscribers. It is not a mailing list in the usual sense. To create the auto-response message for this list, you would create a listname.MAILTPL file that includes a POSTACK1 template, like the following:

>>> POSTACK1 Service Message for &MYNAMES
&MYNAMES will be down Sunday from 0200 EST until 0500 EST for backups
and upgrades. For more information contact LSTMAINT@&MYHOST.

This particular template would inform the user that LISTSERV would be down (&MYHOST translates to the LISTSERV server address.) In order to change the service message, it would only be necessary to change the POSTACK1 template.

Alternatively, for lists residing on servers with the LISTSERV 1.8d WWW List Management Interface (such as EASE-HOME) you may make these changes via the WWW interface.

Unfortunately, this is impossible for LISTSERV-Lite since Lite does not support individual listname.MAILTPL files.

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