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L-Soft international, Inc.
Site Manager's Operations Manual
LISTSERV®, version 1.8c
April 8, 1997
Revision 1

The reference number of this document is 9704-UD-03.

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Appendix H: Acknowledgements

Once again it appears that I'm done with a manual. Of course, no manual is ever really done; that's why we have revisions. :)

And it's time to thank the people who helped out. I'd like particularly to thank Eric Thomas, Elena Hammond, Amy Farley, Dana Kressierer and Jeni Williams of L-Soft for their assistance; Holly Stowe of IUPUI for reading and commenting on really early versions of this manual (I mean, versions missing complete chapters and containing "I'm working on this" tags); and Holly, Marty Hoag of North Dakota State University, Jim Gerland of the University at Buffalo, Glenn Malling of Syracuse University, and Jim McIntosh of American University for reading and commenting on the beta draft. Thanks also to Ben Chi of the University at Albany for his paper "Setting Up the LISTSERV File Server: A Beginner's Guide" (FSV GUIDE) which has been mentioned herein as the document of choice for setting up VM filelists, and Norm Aleks of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center Library for his document on using the new non-VM database commands, which I have used to help document them in all of the new 1.8c manuals.

As with the List Owner's Manual, much use was made of the archives of LSTSRV-L and LSTOWN-L, as well as the release notes for quite a few versions of LISTSERV (you'd be surprised--or if you're an old VMer, maybe you wouldn't--how far back I had to go for some things) and, of course, I used the day to day business of supporting LISTSERV in the field to fill in certain gaps. Once again, thanks to the list subscribers and to our customers for pointing out those gaps.

I'm sure that there are people I've missed (in fact, I know there are), but you know who you are and you know I've always appreciated your input. (I may not always have used it, but I always appreciated it.)

--Nathan Brindle (nathan@lsoft.com)

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