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Footnotes to the List Owner's Manual

[1] Parts of this section were adapted from "Some Lists of Lists", compiled by Marty Hoag and available via ftp://listserv.nodak.edu/public/new-list/listsof.lists. RETURN

[2] Note that the "LISTSERV postmaster" is not identical to the regular POSTMASTER address at a host site. The term "LISTSERV postmaster" is a canonical term from early in LISTSERV's history, and refers only to the person who is the actual LISTSERV maintainer at the host site. The term has fallen into disuse and its use is discouraged because of the potential confusion it may cause. RETURN

[3] In reality this only works with version 1.8b or later servers. List owners running lists on pre-1.8b servers can protect themselves from non-subscriber spams by setting the Editor= parameters in an appropriate manner; however, this introduces new problems that may not be acceptable to the list owner, given the infrequent (but increasing) incidence of spamming. RETURN

[4] If you are interested in the mechanics of starting a VM-type filelist, the best reference is "Setting Up the LISTSERV File Server--A Beginner's Guide" by Ben Chi (bec@albany.edu). This publication is available from LISTSERV@ALBANY.EDU as FSV GUIDE. RETURN

[5] If your local machine is running MS-DOS and/or Windows 3.x, obviously this will not work--you will have to conform to the 8.3 naming convention. Probably the best thing to do in this case is simply name the file listname.mai, then rename it when you upload it to a mainframe or network workstation account. RETURN

[6] Thanks to Marty Hoag of NEW-LIST. RETURN

[7]The digests conform to RFC1153 with an acceptable deviation from the recommended subject line (verified with the RFC author). RETURN