"I like LISTSERV because like my OpenVMS machines, it just keeps working, and it's both very capable and very reliable."

"LISTSERV email lists help my organization because they allow us to save money and time by not having to mail out printed material as much and lets customers hear about the latest changes sooner."

"I like LISTSERV because it brings people together in discussion and in community. I've helped several organizations maintain communications using LISTSERV lists. LISTSERV bridges distance and overcomes isolation."

"I like LISTSERV because of the flexibility I have as a subscriber and as a list owner to manage content, spam, flames, attachments, format, frequency, length, interactions, and thus to develop lists that meet my community's expectations."

Sylvia Caras

"I like LISTSERV because it's not overly complicated and doesn't try to do more than what it needs to do."

Brian Stoughton

"LISTSERV email lists help my organization because they are the best method to send announcements and other important messages to our university community."

Mark Kostic