"I like LISTSERV because it is comprehensive to handle the needs of hundreds of my groups, yet simple enough to be used by those groups."

"I like LISTSERV because it helps people communicate within our university community and is really quite easy to use."

"LISTSERV email lists help my organization because we can offer an online support community which is private and not advertisement driven. This is an extremely important consideration as privacy becomes more and more of an issue."

"I like LISTSERV because it runs on so many platforms; the installation is a piece of cake; maintenance is easy; product support and customer service are excellent; but mostly because LISTSERV is a dependable workhorse that I can rely on."

Mignon Erixon-Stanford

"I like LISTSERV because it works. LISTSERV makes it easy to create and maintain support lists. With so many flexible options it is possible to set up a wide variety of lists and keep them running well. I've been using LISTSERV since January 1994, first as a subscriber, then as a list owner. I've used every mailing list option out there, and LISTSERV tops them all by a wide margin."

Karen Reznek

"I like LISTSERV because I've been managing it since its days running on our IBM VM/CMS mainframe in the late '80s."

Bob Kaneshige