"I like LISTSERV because it's an old friend. It's always been there."

"I like LISTSERV because it works! Great product, great support! We've been using the product for about 20 years and are enjoying the improvements from release to release."

"I like LISTSERV because it makes running a mailing list software solution easy. Support is always awesome!"

"LISTSERV software helps my organization because it's stable, secure, familiar, and well-supported. The one piece of server software that I don't have to worry about."

Adrianne Schutt

"I like LISTSERV because it has a great web interface that is very user-friendly and works well in all browsers and many languages. It's easy to register people, to keep the list up-to-date, and in general, simple to administrate."

Esther Feldman

"I like LISTSERV because as a unix admin, its installation is a breeze and being very stable, it enables me to allocate my time to other tasks."

Dora Pomerancblum